Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers
Traditional Blues from the Delta to the Piedmont

Who We Are

Singer Sheryl Warner was one of the first few women to attend the Virginia Commonwealth University Jazz Studies Program. Her rich, expressive voice has developed over twenty years of singing in the blues tradition, described by Dirty Linen as "One of the most expressive and powerful voices in blues today."Sheryl draws on the extensive repertoire of early women blues singers, bringing her own unique style to the music of legends such as Bessie Smith and Memphis Minnie, and she reinterprets the lyrics, while retaining the spirit, of the great bluesmen.Sheryl also performs with Among Friends, an eclectic group of veteran Richmond-area musicians that periodically holds concerts and have issued several recordings.

Gregg Kimball plays six-string, twelve-string, and National steel guitars. His fluency in a wide range of early blues styles makes him a perfect complement to Sheryl and Rick. Gregg is also a widely published historian who's interest in the blues comes from his research and writing in African-American and Southern history and culture.

Rick Manson has been playing harmonica for more than twenty years. He was a student and protege of Richmond and New York blues legend Nat Riddles. Rick has played with several area bands, including the Detonators, the Smokin' Section, and the Brian Doherty Trio. His influences range from Little Walter to Charlie McCoy to Sonny Terry.